In_Fill - G-Code

This project established a novel methodology under the name of Selective Slow Distribution (SFD). This technique reduces material use and increases structural rigidity in 3D printed thermoplastics by up to 55% . 



In order to evaluate the performance of each structure a custom rig and software was created to automate the testing process. A webcam tracked the red dots on the sample and saved the deflection after each weight is placed on it. This automated system was able to test 60 samples approximately four times each, making for a total of 1920 measurements in 6 hours. It also cancels human error and produces more consistent data. 

Manipulating G-Code

As illustrated above Selective Flow Distribution by-passes any geometrical modifications, turning the original design directly into code that the machine can understand. This code is directly informed by the FEA analysis which dictates how much material is deposited at any given point. The end result is an object denser in areas of higher structure requirement.