Custom Foot Orthoses: Plantar Pressure Analysis for Rapid Prototyping


This research project looks at how we can leverage technology to produce better foot Orthotics. A pressure sensitive insole was built to collect the data during period of high- intensity exercise. The pressure was then analysed to create a multi-material 3D printed insole which has properties which vary throughout to respond to local requirements. 


Prototype software written in Java, It assists the clinician in making a diagnosis and exports a con guration  le which contains the information needed to generate a 3D model. By doing we create a close-coupling between pressure data and the geometrical model which is used for manufacture.

Final Prototype

The final prototype was manufactured using multi-material printing. The segmentation is subtle to the eye but distinct to the touch. Its ergonomics was taken directly from a 3D scan ensuring a perfect fit. The bio-derived pattern is unique for each insert and allows for higher behavior control whilst creating pleasing aesthetics.