We do Research and Development for the built environment on a project basis .
Our client-specific solutions are applied in the following key areas:


Performance driven design

The biggest virtue of advanced design is its ability to handle scarcity in a world where resources are limited. We rely on Machine Learning to visualize, understand and identify patterns in Big Data, and develop optimization algorithms to assure design compliance while rationalizing design parameters. By quantifying several performance variables, Architects and Planners are able to make more informed decisions.

Physical Computation

The ability to gather and link data from the built environment with several devices allows us to generate responsive experiences and adaptive installations able to translate human input into a set of actions to be performed by already existing or customly created devices. We have designed several installations involving haptic feedback, responsive sound sources, robotic interaction, motion tracking, physical agents and programmable modular structures.

Digital Manufacturing

Computer aided manufacture is a powerful tool which can add an incredible amount of flexibility to the design process. We can help you optimize the geometry and choose the best fabrication tools to match your requirements. By doing so we can significantly reduce time and costs while maintaining build quality. Our main expertise lies on robotic assembly and 3D printing, a field where we can provide extensive advice and hands-on optimization.

Parametric design

Parametric design has changed the way architecture and design is conceived, visual scripting tools like Grasshopper enable us to handle complex geometries, undertake simulations, optimize and rationalize shapes and structures to be built. The power and scope of these tools gets boosted if complemented by programming skills (Python, C#, etc.). This eases the communication among platforms (Rhino, Excel, Revit, etc.), enabling a seamless workflow throughout the whole design process.  

Workflow Optimization

The introduction of algorithmic thinking in the architectural world should be used to rethink the traditional design workflow. We create custom, user-friendly software not just to speed up parts of the design process but to introduce processes previously unimaginable, such as early stage Spatial Analysis. Architects are thereby enabled to thrive by doing what machines can’t do: coming up with novel, creative and aesthetically pleasing solutions.


We have experience in conducting workshops for parametric design, creative coding, 3D printing workflow and digital fabrication. We take education seriously and believe a personal input makes the experience of learning much richer. We offer personalized learning programs in different areas, aimed to different public and focused on specific skills. From basic and advanced coding in different programming languages to visual scripting, robotics and Machine Learning.